Manaka Non
真中 のん Manaka Non
Ep 4 Preview
AnimePripara Episode 1
Character Information


Hair ColorPurple

Eye ColorPurple ( With different shades )
RelativesManaka Lala ( Her elder sis )
Voice Actors
SeiyuuMinami Tanaka

Non Manaka (真中 のん Manaka Non?) is Manaka Lala Sister 

Appearence Edit

She was first appeard in the Pripara episode 1...! While she is more mature than Lala_Chan 

Personality Edit

She has the same hair color as Laala which is normally styled into a side ponytail on and held with a green scrunchie. She is short, and is also in elementary school.She is a bit mature and cool; she seems to know a lot about idols. She also seems to be very intelligent.


  • Manaka Lala ( Her Older Sister )

Gallery Edit

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