Laala Manaka
真中 らぁら Manaka Rāra
AnimeEpisode 1 (PRASS)

Episode 1 (Puripara)

Character Information


Hair ColorLight Lavender

Eye ColorTeal

Image ColorPink and Yellow
BrandTwinkle Ribbon



Non(little Sister)

Voice Actors
SeiyuuHimika Akaneya

Laala Manaka(真中 らぁら)is the main protagonist of the series who is a lovely type idol and whose favourite brand is Twinkle Ribbon. She is a 5th grader at Paprika Private Academy. Laala Possesses the legendary Prism Voice

Appearance Edit

When performing, Laala has light lavender colored hair that separates into two long pigtails held by a pink bow. The ponytails reach her thigh. She also gets taller when she changes to perform.

Normally, Laala has two lavender buns that have small amounts of hair sticking out, and she has the same pink bow at the top of her head. Her hair is much shorter in her normal form than it is in her Idol form. She has teal eyes that turn a little darker at the top. Also, she's the shortest.

Personality Edit

She is bright and cheerful, and often is bouncing off the walls. Her catchphrase is "kachikoma!", meaning "alright!" She is known for being quite loud, yet is quiet while singing during her music class, however on stage she is able to sing with amazing volume.

Trivia Edit

  • Laala is the only character from PriPara to make an appearance in Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection.
  • Laala is the youngest out of the three main girls, as Sophie is in 8th grade, and Mirei is in 7th.
  • Laala works part time in her parents restaurant.
  • She (Laala) and Nao are the only known 5th graders.


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