Episode 2 : Breaking promises is bad-pri
Ep 560661 1
Episode Information
RomajiYakusoku Yabuccha Dame Puri-!
Air Date
JapaneseJuly 12, 2014
Featured Songs
Opening SongMake it! (i☆Ris)

Ending SongJumpin'! Dancin'! (Prizmmy☆)

Insert SongMake it! (Lala Mireille)
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Episode 1 : I Became an Idol! Episode 3 : Team disbanded? No-Way- Kuma!

Plot Edit

Laala is officially an idol! And, uh-oh, that means trouble, if the headmistress of the elementary school division, Headmistress Ookanada, learns she has a PriPara Ticket, it might mean the end of her idol career! Will Laala continue to be an idol or will her idol days be numbered? 

Major Events Edit

  • Sophie makes her actual debut appearance.
  • Laala knows Mirei's normal appearance.
  • Laala re-joins as an idol in the PriPara world.
  • Lala & Mirei use new pri tickets in there performance

Character AppearancesEdit


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